EU-Asylum-Policy and Asylum Emergency Shelter

Air Domes as Problem-Solving Approach

It is indisputable fact to us that we want to and are obligated to help people who are seeking asylum. But the explosively growing numbers of both male and female asylum seekers are problematic, the housing of whom is becoming increasingly harder and poses an extreme challenge to communities, towns and counties. And yet we need to assume that the stream of refugees will continue to grow and could last for years. In order to keep the acceptance and willingness to help in society high and not jeopardized, in our opinion it is important to offer locally amicable solutions.

Thus, from the perspective of the taxpayers association, all solutions that can be standardized and quickly reproduced and are also usable long-term (winter and weather proof) should be put to the test. In the interest of the taxpayers one should also not lose sight of the cost involved.

What is thus far happening with refugees in some European countries is often inhuman. Since a lot of countries are swept over by waves of refugees, they often act without any kind of concept and pass on the responsibility. This strains the solidarity among the EU-countries. The ones to suffer are the refugees. We should do everything to change that!

The topic of refugees has to finally be handled in a European way, with solidarity and most and foremost structured and planned.

TAE Idea Sketch for the Asylum-Solution:

Develop EU-Asylum-Standard

  • Common Standards and procedures for asylum in Europe with the respective EU-budgeting
    - Registration and emergency shelters (e.g. air domes up to 3,000 people) at the external borders of the EU
    - EU-wide cost accounting for asylum (transparency)
    - fair distribution key or reimbursement
  • Expedition of asylum procedures
    - Intensive inspection of individual country situations
    - Kosovo und Albania for example are not unsafe countries, but a lot of asylum seekers come from these actually safe third countries
  • Digitalised registration of asylum seekers
    e.g. picture, thumb print, eyes etc., so refugees can be uniquely registered and thus cannot try under a “new” name somewhere else if rejected.

Better Integration

  • Educational programmes and support of refugees
  • Economy (education and workforce)
  • Academics (education, advanced education e.g. for an easier recognition of degrees)

Improve Advancement in Third Countries

  • Youth-Advancement-Programmes in third countries market- and future-driven education and advanced training

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