The Brexit will be expensive for all taxpayers

Taxpayers Association of Europe President Rolf von Hohenhaus statement to the Leave decision of the Brits.

The British people decided to leave the European Union. The BREXIT is a bitter moment for all of Europe.

This decision will become expensive not only for Great Britain but for all states of the EU. The BREXIT will be expensive for all taxpayers! All member states have to compensate everything, Great Britain spent as the third largest net contributor of the Union. The British payment equals with five billion Euro the complete net transfer payments to the ill man of the EU per year, which is Greek.

We, the taxpayers, have to account for additional payments in the future. At the same time, the GDP growth will be affected negatively as well as the tax revenue. Thereby the BREXIT will leave its marks in the public treasury in two respects at the same time.

The Governments of all EU member states are now challenged to reform the House of Europe and its righteously criticized institutions in a way that will conserve the community of values and its inner cohesion to avoid that other states will follow the example of Great Britain.

The European Union is now expected to demand consequences and discipline in the resignation bargaining process. They have to ensure that cherry picking is off the table. Who decides to leave the EU has to leave completely. The cooperation with the British has to go through a complete do over. A BREXIT excludes a further participation of Great Britain in any EU program.

Europe now has the chance to learn from the Brexit and to redefine itself to win back the trust of the European people and taxpayers.

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