Stop the EU Madness! Christmas has to stay Christmas!

Even if the EU Commission in Brussels immediately retracted its guidelines on the use of language, it shows how far the European bureaucracy has by now removed itself from the population in Europe. The European Taxpayers Association (TAE) strongly condemns such attempts to grind and polish the Christian-Occidental system of values.

The EU Equality Commissioner, Helena Dalli, had advised not to use the terms “Christmas” or “Mary and Joseph”. The reason: Other cultures could feel discriminated against. Hence the holy couple should be called Malika and Julio.

TAE General Secretary, Michael Jäger, said: “In our opinion, the fact that the guideline got retracted immediately is just a trick. One wants to test how the public reacts in order to later, through the back door, enforce inhuman and arbitrary pestering of and paternalism towards the citizens.”

According to Jäger, the language regulation is only the most recent example. In the last few months, the EU-Commission had dealt with a feasibility study on the introduction of an asset register, in which all assets including works of art, collectibles, gold or real estate are to be recorded. Furthermore, the EU is thinking about shock images on beer bottles and about increased taxonomy, i.e., autonomous control of investments.

Jäger describes the behaviour of the EU Commission very drastically: “This is a rampage against its own population. You can't let them get away with that any longer. The state parliaments are called upon to intervene here! Politicians must finally get their out-of-hand administration under control again. "

Munich / Brussels, December 1, 2021

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