Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE) is appalled by the plans for the EU Asset Register

President Rolf von Hohenhau calls for civil resistance and fears the end of the EU

The Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE) is firmly opposed to the EU-Commission's plans for a register of assets. TAE President Rolf von Hohenhau: "If citizens put up with this, they will lose all personal rights through a bureaucratic back door. The control of cash flows, investments and assets is contrary to human dignity. Under the guise of preventing money laundering, we are all to be screened. Now civil disobedience is called for. People should take to the streets like the yellow vests in France. I'm sorry to have to say this, but it's about living in freedom."

The background to the sharp criticism of the taxpayers' association is the plan of the European Commission to introduce a European asset register. Whether and to what extent such a register would be feasible is now to be examined by the EU as part of a feasibility study.

A first resistance is already forming in the media. The journalists speak of the "danger of the transparent citizen". Insiders from Brussels stress that this could become the tombstone of the EU as we know it.

The measures in Europe, which would be prescribed without sense and understanding and out of pure greed for power of the political caste, would cause the approval of Europe to dwindle massively, according to von Hohenhau. BREXIT is only the first domino. The Green Deal is a money-destroying machine beyond all scientific knowledge. And now an EU asset register based on voyeuristic envy. EU Commission President, von der Leyen, seems to have lost control over the Commission and needs to act swiftly and vehemently in order to re-establish her power and put an end to such destructive ideas.

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