Prevention of the EU Commission's Tax Attack is Necessary!

EU Commission is Planning an Attack on Tax Competition in Europe
TAE Demands: No Elimination of the Principle of Unanimity Regarding Tax Issues!
Maintain Tax Competition!

The Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE) clearly rejects the proposal of the EU Commission to eliminate the principle of unanimity regarding tax issues. 

According to the proposal by the EU Commission the EU member states in the future shall no longer decide on tax policy questions unanimously, but by qualified majority.

Under the pretext of a fairer tax competition as well with the goal of easier implementation of Europe wide taxes, the EU Commission demands to reconsider “traditional perspectives on national sovereignty”. Thus far the principle of unanimity protects the citizens from the taxation ideas of the EU Commission. Taxpayers’ President, Rolf von Hohenhau: “The EU Commission is only interested in strengthening its position of power, eliminating tax competition within Europe, and being able to enforce new taxes without national opposition.”

A wave of harmonization on a wide scale is looming upon the EU. First it is about harmonization of taxes, secondly of the social systems, then culmination in all other areas of life within Europe. This not only opposes the basic EU principle of subsidiarity and autonomy, it also opposes the living reality. People in Europe are different, have different cultures and traditions, and also want to keep it that way.

The Taxpayers Association of European is fighting for the preservation of tax competition. Therefore it rejects the proposal by the EU Commission! Only competition protects citizens as well as enterprises from escalating tax burdens! The forming of a cartel in taxation must therefore be prevented at all cost, according to Rolf von Hohenhau. It is the duty of the Commission to ensure competition - also when it comes to taxes – and surely not to eliminate it.

Brussels/Munich January 15, 2019

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