TAE Rejects EU Digital Tax

The Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE) rejects the EU Commission's proposal to introduce an EU digital tax.

Who doesn’t want the big “bad” corporations like Google, Amazon and Facebook to finally pay more taxes and render their fair share thereof. For this to happen only the assessment basis for corporate entities would have to be harmonised and EU-wide minimum taxes for companies and an EU digital tax be introduced. This is the only way to get to the giants, and so on and so forth. A good person cannot object to that, right?

The reality is that transparency and stricter rules already exist today.

The claim by the EU Commission that there is a grave, politically unwanted difference in taxation between digital business and conventional business can very easily and empirically verifiably be refuted!

We at the Taxpayers Association will do everything in our power to prevent the EU digital tax. We are strictly against this European  rush job. It would be more sensible, appropriate and keeping with the times to start working on an overhaul of the international taxation rules within the framework of the OECD instead of doing a European solo run again.

It is to be hoped that one country does not participate in the tax insanity and the digital tax returns to where it belongs: In the dust bin of rejected tax cartel ideas of the EU Commission.

If at one point - against better knowledge - there is a harmonisation of direct taxes in Europe, then everybody must also know that from that day on we will also have permanent EU financial compensation because taxes are an important location and thus compensation factor. No enterprise will then voluntarily move to Eastern Europe or to a European island if it will find the same framework conditions at the same tax rate in Berlin, Paris, Rome or Madrid.

Instead of permanently coming up with new ideas for the “happiness of the friends of tax increase” the EU Commission should finally get working on reforming the institutions.

More Europe where it is necessary and less Europe where it is possible!

Download TAE Statement against EU Digital Tax

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