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TAE: “No EU funds to questionable enterprises for the construction of Bulgarian motorway “

As a result of the recently reported events in the media, the European Taxpayers Association (TAE) calls on the Bulgarian government to review the guidelines for the procurement of an overall of 1.5 billion Euro from EU funds, earmarked for the motorway construction in Bulgaria.

Although the Bulgarian government is making every possible effort to prevent undesirable developments, this is not the moment to leave the Bulgarians on their own. “Exceedingly long construction periods, substandard quality and the award of contracts to consortiums with contacts to the organised crime scene must no longer be possible”, says Rolf von Hohenhau, President of the European Taxpayers Association.

Allegedly, for the construction of the Trakia motorway stretch between Stara Zagora and Nova Zagora industrial ash instead of solid subsoil was used. In the case of the Maritza motorway from central Bulgaria towards Turkey the contract was awarded to a consortium that quoted a price for which- according to specialists - certainly no motorway construction is impossible. The background figures as to this consortium are highly controversial due to their contacts to the organised crime scene (according to Wikipedia).

And now, one of the most important European roads, the Struma motorway to Greece with numerous tunnels and bridges is on the agenda. “Brussels must be on hand with help and advice. Certified controllers should accompany and control this construction project right from the start. Only external independent control will ensure a trouble-free execution of the construction works, provide cost certainty and reduce the risk of botched work as well as errors in terms of planning and execution, but also and particularly it will prevent fraud and corruption”, says President von Hohenhau. These risks should be minimised right from the start of the tendering procedure.

Brussels/Munich, May 18, 2011
Rudolf. G. Maier, Press Officer


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