Taxpayers Association of Europe opposes EU tax!

The Taxpayers Association of Europe strictly rejects EU Commission President Barroso’s current proposal as to the European Union’s raising of own taxes for financing the EU budget.

The fact that year after year the EU calls for its own taxes and thus opens the doors for the possibility of being indebted is an impossible situation. An EU budget on the basis of EU taxes automatically presupposes the ‘right to be indebted’. The introduction of an EU Value Added Tax as well as an EU tax on financial transactions is ultimately only another way to get into the EU citizens’ pockets, says the President of the Taxpayers Association of Europe, Rolf von Hohenhau.

Already today, the member states’ indebtedness is leading up to a huge burden of the European Union as well as the Euro. The fact that the EU will be entitled to incur into debts will lead to an enormous deterioration of Europe’s power to compete. Instead of considering the introduction of EU taxes, Commission President Barroso should rather focus on a reform of the EU expenditures.

The Taxpayers Association of Europe will fight against the introduction of EU taxes with all means at its disposal and is therefore planning an EU referendum against the introduction such taxes as well as a protest campaign in Brussels, says President von Hohenhau.

Munich/Brussels, June 30, 2011

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