Stop the Untrustworthy Criticism of Candidate Jean Claude Juncker

TAE calls for a return to objectivity

The Taxpayers Association of Europe is more than surprised that the Luxembourg „Karlspreis“ and winner of the European Taxpayers Award Jean-Claude Juncker is discredited and criticised below the belt. President Rolf von Hohenhau shows more than surprising that right now - before the election - where Juncker is nominated for an upscale European mandate, unjust criticism is practiced.

Juncker, award winner of the highest European Taxpayers award, has not charged one single Euro for his volunteer work for Taxpayers Association of Europe in recent decades. No costs were billed, although the events had taken place mainly not in Luxembourg, thus TAE President Hohenhau.

President Rolf von Hohenhau now sees the criticism of Jean Claude Juncker as a clumsy attempt to discredit a highly respected European politicians.

For this reason, the President of Taxpayers Association of Europe, Rolf Hohenhau appeals of all parties to a return of objectivity urge on.

Munich/Brussels June 24, 2014

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